We can provide a comprehensive assessment of a client’s industrial relations position including Award coverage and compliance with the National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, Agreements and relevant workplace legislation.

Particular emphasis is placed on establishing the Client’s obligations regarding their obligations under Modern Awards.

The first step in our audit process is to randomly select employees across a range of roles and review the wages paid for the previous 6 months against their hours worked.  We then calculate the Award entitlements.  If there is a clear pattern of underpayments, we then proceed to conduct a broader audit across the workforce.

In the age of “Wage Theft” and the publicity which goes with such allegations, we work with our clients to ensure their staff are properly and lawfully remunerated before our clients are subject to negative promotion.

It is our experience that employees do not want to shine a negative light on their employers, they just want what they are legally entitled to receive.  We can help you ensure that this expectation is always met.

Industrial Relations Compliance