CTMA Workplace Consulting is a commercially focussed, well respected workplace and industrial relations consultancy who provides personal service, understands your organisation, delivers exceptional value and achieves positive outcomes.

CTMA was established by the Pollard family, to provide a high level of authoritative employee relations and human resource consultancy services to a select group of Companies.

Craig had previously been working with Jones Ross (Industrial Relations Consultants) for over 12 years providing assistance and advice to some of Queensland’s and Australia’s largest corporations (both in the Private and Public sectors) on a variety of human resource and industrial relations issues.

In addition, we have established a significant client base of small to medium sized enterprises, involved in industries ranging from private education to international resorts and hotels.


Our firm is dedicated to providing professional advice and assistance to the corporate sector in all areas of human resource management but particularly in regard to industrial relations.

We pride ourselves on our performance and as professionals we work closely with key client decision makers to ensure the final results achieved are consistent with client expectations.

Our focus is on a high level of quality control achieved by general case supervision and recurrent advises to key client decision makers.

CTMA envisages that the range of services required can be met in an on demand time frame by utilisation of the experience and skills held by our Principal and consultants.

Provision of advice to major organisations has enabled CTMA Workplace Consulting to gain a significant and valuable understanding of the range of industrial issues.


CTMA Workplace Consulting has a well established reputation for absolute integrity in dealings with our client organisations and the provision of the highest quality industrial relations services on time.

CTMA Workplace Consulting has implemented a system which provides for Project Management through our Principal and has established regular consultant progress briefings/meetings which are conducted during the course of an assignment to ensure client requirements are being met.

Our Principal will sign off on all project documentation emanating from our office including the provision of any research and strategic advice prepared by our staff. This ensures the provision of competent advice and high quality reporting. We anticipate meeting with our client’s Senior Management to gain a better understanding of the organisation’s needs in broad terms.

Once our relationship is established we would envisage a Senior Consultant to liase with the client’s nominated contact person to continuously assess and improve the definition of services, delivery and resource requirements.

We emphasise the electronic delivery of services where possible. This method is efficient, accurate and flexible. It allows for the reduction in costs for the client, at the same time providing instantaneous delivery of information which may need to be modified or further distributed in an electronic format.

This drive accords with the objectives of the Fair Work Commission and State Industrial Relations Commissions which promote the ethos of transmitting and filing documents electronically where possible.


All consultants work from our Brisbane Office.

CTMA Workplace Consulting continually upgrades its office technology to enable a comprehensive Internet-based research, service delivery and electronic document storage and transmission.

Our office is networked internally in addition to permanent external Internet access. This permits us to benefit from the enormous body of information available outside traditional industrial relations channels, as the various Industrial Commissions, Government bodies and tertiary institutes convert their service delivery to the Internet as well.

We routinely access databases containing State Supreme Court, Federal Court, High Court and Fair Work Commission decisions during our day to day advisory activities.


Senior Consultant

Craig’s 20 years of experience include such roles as Senior Consultant for Jones Ross, Executive Officer for the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association of New South Wales and Member Services Advisor for the Printing Industries Association of Australia.

Craig has also worked as the Industrial Relations and Human Resources Manager for a multi national contracting company in the hospitality industry. His responsibilities in this role extended across all eastern states of Australia.

Craig has extensive workplace relations experience across a range of industries including engineering, manufacturing, construction, education, tourism, hospitality, community services, retail, building maintenance and contracting.

Craig provides specialist advice and representation to clients in the area of Award and legislative interpretation, enterprise bargaining, dispute settlement, unfair dismissals and discrimination/harassment issues in the workplace.

He has represented clients before the Fair Work Commission, State Industrial Relations Commissions, Magistrates Courts, Anti-Discrimination Commissions and Tribunals as well as in private mediation and arbitration.

Craig also has extensive experience in negotiating Enterprise Agreements and guiding employers through the maze of legislation which regulates this area of employment relations.