Diversity in your workforce has been demonstrated to have positive outcomes in workplace performance, profitability and building strong relationships with all stakeholders.

Some people within your workforce however, may not welcome this diversity and act in ways which are contrary to your organisation’s culture. Such behaviour may include discrimination and sexual harassment. People responsible for this behaviour may even be employed in senior roles.

We have extensive experience in both training all levels of an organisation in the importance of being an inclusive organisation, and the legal ramifications for poor behaviour.

We can advise on employer’s obligations and liability under State and federal anti- discrimination and equal opportunity legislation including the implementation of strategies and procedures to ensure compliance with the legislation.

Should a claim be made which alleges either discrimination or sexual harassment, we can also offer clients representational services before the various State and federal tribunals including communication/negotiation with Tribunal officers, representation at the conciliation stage of a case and preparing briefs for the conduct of a full hearing before the relevant Tribunal.